David Pauldine

Speaker, Moderator, Consultant

Pauldine’s 20+ years as a C-level executive makes him the perfect speaker to address your group on a wide range of topics. Incorporating case studies, illustrations and stories to make the material more meaningful and easy to follow, Pauldine zeroes in on the following business essentials:


  • 3 Responses to Leadership
  • Right people in the right roles
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The cascade effect of asking questions
  • Inspiration and leadership


  • 8 Step Model
  • Strategic Planning Continuum – Leadership to Management
  • Process vs. outcome
  • The oft-made mistakes in strategic planning
  • Plan done, time to execute


  • Legacy, lore, storytelling
  • The success link between strategy and culture
  • Culture & leadership
  • The value of ownership
  • Culture and brand


  • Incremental theory of corruption
  • Ethics and results
  • Tone at the top
  • Public response to ethical and unethical behavior
  • Group Think & Abilene Paradox

Each of these topics can be isolated into individual presentations or taken as a group. In the individual presentation format, Pauldine goes deep into the subject matter allowing for maximum exposure to the subject matter. In the grouping format, the inter-dependency of leadership, strategic planning, culture and ethics is woven seamlessly into an end-to-end presentation that helps participants connect the dots and gain a macro understanding of leadership.

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