With more than 35 years in higher education overall and 20+ years as a C-level executive, David Pauldine can speak to subjects across a broad-range of academic and business interests. His unique style and delivery puts the listener at ease while tackling both the left brain components of running a business (execution, strategic planning, operating efficiency, etc.) and the necessary right brain components such as culture, ethics, communications and values. Pauldine’s insights are applicable to every business and industry. As a speaker, his remarks are loaded with case studies, illustrations and stories to make the material more meaningful and easy to follow, zeroing in on the following business essentials



  • 3 Responses to leadership
  • Getting people in the right roles
  • Leadership vs management
  • The cascade effect of asking questions


Strategic Planning

  • 8 Step Model
  • Strategic Planning Continuum – Leadership to Management
  • Process vs outcome
  • The oft-made mistakes in strategic planning



  • The success link between strategy and culture
  • Culture & leadership
  • The value of ownership
  • Culture and brand



  • It starts with little things
  • Ethics and results
  • The impact of group think
  • Public response to ethical and unethical behavior


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