What is this thing called culture? It’s not something one can readily measure or find on an internal report, yet it has so much influence over the success of an organization. This presentation looks at the critical worth of a healthy culture while drawing upon the writings of multiple experts. The relationship between strategy and culture is examined and the important role of common sense and ownership is addressed.

Culture is presented not as a stand-alone area of interest but rather as something critically inter-connected to leadership, strategic planning and ethics. Case studies are used to illustrate the key points made. Participants are shown how to model appropriate behaviors that lead to healthy organizational culture and to also respect the impact that a poor culture can have on business results.

The purpose of this presentation is to inject culture into the set of top of mind concerns for leaders and to isolate the role that leaders play in shaping culture. The objective is to sharpen the participant’s understanding of, and respect for,the critical importance of managing culture on a day-to-day basis. One begins to see culture and reputation as the organization’s most valued asset as a result of this session.


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