At the end of the day, the difference maker when sizing up the success or failure of an organization is leadership. Two individuals may handle identical situations in different ways, with one leading to favorable results and the other negative outcomes. We see time and time again how the art of leadership comes natural to some and difficult to grasp for others.

Pauldine will zero in on the art of leadership and do so in practical and easy to understand terms. The presentation puts emphasis on what it takes to be a successful leader and utilizes stories, illustrations, case studies and analogies to complement the instruction and increase learning. The objective is to send participants home prepared to become better leaders than when they arrived.

Components of the presentation include:

  • Values, Vision, Mission – Getting it Right
  • Keys to being a successful leader
  • Steps to getting ahead in one’s career
  • Leadership in times of change
  • Leadership vs. management

People are more interested in others’ mistakes. Pauldine draws upon his own experiences to relay examples of lessons learned through his own mistakes, as well as the value of these instances in generating continuous improvement. Participants are drawn to the material because of the comfortable tone and genuine style of the presenter.


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