Strategic Planning

Plan first, budget second. That’s the proper sequence to setting a course for an organization but this is much easier said than done. Typically the budget comes together in the end; it’s the plan that steers the ship. What’s the right way to go about strategic planning? What are the essentials for leading the process and is there more than one approach or model to follow? This presentation speaks to the value of a solid strategic plan and takes the participant through an eight-step model that can be easily replicated.

The presentation demonstrates how strategic planning is a continuum, which runs from organizational values to individual job performance planning. The role of leadership and management is discussed and the case is made for key performers to exemplify the traits and characteristics of both the leader and the manager during the strategic planning process.

In the end, what matters more than process is evidence of strategic thinking. Then of course, beyond the plan comes the need for execution. Both of these points are given emphasis as the subject goes full circle, leaving the participant with plenty of assets.

The purpose of this presentation is to set a baseline for those undertaking a strategic plan, enabling each participant to draw upon the content for his or her own planning purposes. The objective is to introduce the participant to the ins and outs of the strategic planning process while going deep with one model as an illustration.


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