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To inspire others to higher levels of leadership awareness and performance so as to incrementally make the world a better place.


To actively deliver leadership development services to mid and upper level managers. Delivery will be via direct F2F classroom training or through a scheduled speaking engagement. Auxiliary content will be offered via blog posts. Emphasis is on leadership, management, strategic planning, culture, ethics, and high performing work teams. The desired outcome is to make the client a more effective general manager and to inspire each person to become a better human being.

What You Can Expect:

Individuals: Typical consulting requests with individuals include assistance with business operations reviews, strategic planning, strategy review sessions, buy/sell transactions, due diligence, business health assessments and team dynamics assessments. Individual assignments can also be 1:1 leadership coaching with an assigned executive.

Small Groups: Typical engagements include contact with management committees, department heads, specific departments within an organization, a gathering of peers from multiple locations or a subset of high performing future leaders. The content is delivered in a presentation + hands-on workshop format.

Large Group: Often large groups are handled via a keynote address, motivational speech or customized presentation. The most requested topic centers around ‘becoming a more effective general manager’. Messages of inspiration as well as custom presentations focused on a client’s specific area of interest or need can also be delivered.

Who Can Benefit:

Chief Executive Officers
Key Executives
Emerging Leaders
Small Business Owners
Professional Associations
Boards of Directors
Large & Small Groups

Who is David Pauldine

Who is David Pauldine:

It was a good run. I spent 35 years in the private sector of higher education and ran a gauntlet that presented countless challenges and opportunities along the way. I was fortunate to serve as president/ CEO of two of the largest American institutions of higher education. Of course, no career is without its bumps and mine was no exception. I saw more than one period of decline, a host of external threats to our business and the usual variety of mistakes, hiccups and headaches that most every business endures over time.

It’s safe to say I saw it all in my career and do consider myself battle tested. We worked in a highly regulated sector of higher education. I worked in a public company, a private company, and an ESOP. In addition to working with faculty and staff, my work required me to interface with students, parents, accreditors, state and federal regulators, investors, governing boards, labor unions, service providers, employers, the media, and other educators.

A considerable amount of my time was spent on the road. I gave innumerable presentations and speeches to various constituents, dealt with moments of chaos and crisis, juggled multiple priorities on a regular basis, experienced the high-speed challenges of problems and issues coming at me day in and day out, and – made a mistake or two along the way. The pace of the work was relentless and the demands were considerable. All this had to be done while also managing my life as a husband and father of two children. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

I earned a master’s degree in leadership about 15 years into my profession and this experience changed the trajectory of my career. I homed in on the art and science of leadership and began to understand the important characteristics and behaviors of successful leaders. We’re all subject matter experts in something. For me, I’d say my area of expertise is in leadership.

So now here I am, retired, but with a reserve of passion and energy around the idea of helping others improve in their careers. I like to cherry pick the right clients who want to become better leaders. I’m long past trying to impress anyone and feel no desire to skim the top by only hanging with those at the highest of levels. Where can I help? How can I help? That’s all that matters…


Testimonial from Lynne Francey
"You are and have been such a driving force in the education space for so many years. Over the years, I have spoken to sooo many people and I have to tell you how revered you are by everyone. I have never heard a bad word about you and that is rare in this industry. You are loved, highly respected and greatly admired. "
- Lynne Francey, CEO, Healthcare Recruiter, Higher Education Headhunter
Testimonial from Bryan Murphy
"When I came across Dave Pauldine and learned of the services he offers I knew it would be a great fit. We were not the least bit disappointed. Several months later we are still referring to the takeaways he left us with and we are still pushing ourselves towards the leadership concepts he delivered during the 2 days he was with us. He is truly the consultant you want around the board table and in the trenches with your team. From a Chief Executive Officer perspective we could not have chosen a better fit for our team at the time. He helped us see where all roads lead and connect."
- Bryan Murphy, President & CEO, Andrus - non-profit
Testimonial from Daniel Lansen
"What a tremendous privilege it was to have Dave Pauldine come speak to our company! The leadership insights that he provided to our team were invaluable. It’s not every day that we’re able to engage so deeply with a leader with such a storied career."
- Daniel Lansen, Partner, Compufit, LLC
Testimonial from Dave Rogers
"No one ran more productive and collaborative meetings than you Dave! So blessed to have had you as a mentor."
- Dave Rogers, Experienced Sales Professional
Testimonial from Jim Hutton
"It was great seeing you at the helm of The Leadership Institute. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the job you did. The students were truly lucky to learn from the best."
- Jim Hutton, CEO, Career Quest Learning Centers
Testimonial from Amy Harth, Ph.D.
"I've always admired your integrity."
- Amy Harth, Ph.D., Senior Research Analyst
Testimonial from Ray Rothlisberger
"Dave has a gift for captivating and motivating large groups of people. Of all the leaders I have worked for, he is the most dynamic and inspirational. What really stands out most about Dave is how humble, down to earth, kind and honest he is. Those are incredible qualities which he has."
- Ray Rothlisberger, Infosys Engineer II, Variant Medical Systems
Testimonial from Mark Cameron
"What a class act you are, and what a great reminder to me personally of the blessing I have of having joining you and the team. Thank you for your leadership. We are fortunate, indeed, to no only have you at the helm, but to grow and do our best work under your leadership."
- Mark Cameron, English Professor, Nanjing Technical University
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