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Is your organization looking for a speaker?  Perhaps a keynote speaker or a Leadership development speaker?  David Pauldine is an experienced presenter and speaker who can deliver a variety of remarks to audiences coming together to learn, to be inspired, and to raise their game.  David’s subject matter expertise is on the topic of leadership. His resume is a 35-year demonstration of leadership further enhanced by his M.A. in Leadership and his many articles, blogs, and posts on the subject.  David considers himself a motivational speaker as well as an inspirational speaker.


Leadership and Leadership Development

No doubt there are many motivational speakers on leadership or leadership development.  David’s differentiator is that his speaking style is uniquely different.  He incorporates a level of humanity and humility into his delivery which in turn allows the audience to relax and comfortably absorb the content.  This is often activated by David’s sharing of some of the mistakes he made in his career which connects him to his audience in a special way.  He incorporates ample use of stories to bring home a point and strives for active participation of his audience.  David believes in the formula ‘theory + application = knowledge.’  His mix of concepts and principals bolstered by illustrations and examples enables the participants to grasp and learn.  David’s speaking style engages both the head and the heart of those present. As a result, his messages ‘stick’ and the presentation take-aways are clear and memorable long after the event is over.

David’s presentations are ideal for those looking for a speaker on the topic of leadership or leadership development.  His content also goes deep into culture, ethics, strategic planning, execution, and the quest of becoming a better GM.  His message fits best as a keynote or motivational speaker and has also connected well with those looking for a speaker for a conference breakout session or a business retreat. He also enjoys speaking to small, customized business functions and to young adults as a youth leadership speaker.


Experienced, Poised, Inspiring Speaker

Pauldine has delivered hundreds of presentations in his career.  While many involved the delivery of prepared remarks, he consistently had to deliver extemporaneous remarks to all kinds of audiences. This shaped David into the speaker that he is – experienced, poised and very comfortable on his feet.  He has delivered keynote speeches, spoken to large conference audiences in formal breakout sessions, and addressed a variety of business audiences in ‘boutique sessions’.  Pauldine has spoken to investors and Wall Street analysts, given scores of graduation speeches, spoken to large employee gatherings and presented to groups asking for his insights on a given topic. He has given a number of media interviews and has served as a panel moderator on several occasions.  Clearly, David has a good range of experiences that help him adapt to most any situation.

So, why hire David Pauldine to speak to your group?  The answer is because his speeches/presentations are so very easy to listen to and are delivered by someone with leadership chops who can convey his messages in a way that not just informs, but significantly inspires.

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