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Leadership development training is at the core of what I do. Also referred to as management and leadership training, or leadership training for managers, my work in this area is a labor of love.  I have led or moderated a number ofleadership training programs in my career and get a high from the ‘before and after’ mindsets of the participants.  To ‘see the lights go on’ with participants as they gain a more profound understanding of the art of leadership truly keeps me going.  Having attended a number ofleadership training programs earlier in my career I can relate to the impact that a well-run event can have on one’s growth and development as a business professional.

The service goal is to actively distribute leadership developmentcontent to mid and upper-level managers. The objective is to help the client elevate their effectiveness as a leader of a department, a division, a company and/or an institution. In the end, I set out to make the client a more effective general manager and to inspire each person to become a better human being.


Strategic Planning, High Performing Work Teams and More

Content areas include talent acquisition, talent development, strategic planning, execution, leadership vs. management, culture, ethics and high performing work teams.Delivery will be via direct F2F classroom training or through a scheduled speaking engagement. The leadership training programcan be done via group training or one on one session. Sessions can be a half day up to two or three days of hands-on activities. Auxiliary content will be offered via blog posts.

Participants will be taken through the flow of a business and gain a sharpened appreciation for what’s most important. A key segment of the training and development will be on the topic of ‘becoming a better general manager’. In the end, that’s an essential goal for any professional. Individuals will also be tasked with preparing an elevator speech and delivering a standup presentation.
An additional segment can be added – and for which feedback has been quite positive – and that has to do with ‘how to get ahead in one’s career.’

Leadership Training and Development That Is Real-World and Hands On


My focus is on improving the skill set of mid to upper-level managers. I will do this by exposing them to leadership theory, practical application exercises and the use of illustrations, stories and examples. My content zeros in the difference between leadership and management and why both skill sets are important. I will share a number of mistakes that I and others have made as I have learned people respond better to the ‘humanity of mistakes’ vs. the repetition of one personal success story after another. In the segment on strategic planningI offer a model for doing so. My content contains segments on culture, ethics and high performing work teams. Given most everyone I see is a general manager, at some level I spend time on the importance of day-to-day execution. Time is also spent getting the participants actively involved in honing their own presentation skills as well as their individual elevator speeches. In the end I focus on making my clients more effective general managers.

So, why hire me to handle your leadership training? I’m not going to claim that I offer the best leadership training programs or the best leadership development programs. I’ll leave that assessment to someone else. My thing is to offer genuine and real-world leadership content that gives the participant a learning experience that is practical and pragmatic. From that each participant can be expected to demonstrate continuous improvement on the job. In the end, each participant should leave the leadership development training as a better leader than when they arrived.

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