Leadership Development

Leadership development can often be accessed via leadership training consultants,leadership coaches, management consultants or leadership development consulting firms.  I would recommend any of those pathways for individuals or organizations looking to spend quality time sharpening their ‘leadership quotient’ for the longer term good.  As a leadership consultant I am very comfortable working one on one, or with larger groups of professionals aspiring to emerge as more effective leaders.

I spent my career studying and practicing the art of leadership and have acquired a vast set of learnings and experiences that I enjoy passing on to those wanting to benefit from someone else’s path taken.  It starts with an assessment of where the individual or organization is now, where it wants to go, and then we discuss how to get there.  A customized plan is developed and off we go.  Adjustments can be healthy along the way when needed to ensure the desired outcome is on a path to success.


Strategic Planning, Coaching, Management Consulting

While of course leadership consulting is part of what I do, it can be more than that.  Additional subject areas around which my services can be sought include business operations reviews, strategic planning, ‘becoming a more effective GM’, M&A due diligence, one on one coaching, and mentoring of high potential talent.

Consultant with 35 Years of Leadership Experience

My work is more practical than theoretical.  There’s a saying: ‘Those that can’t do, teach.’  I imagine there are many well intentioned business or leadership consultants out there that have never led a business.  And, I imagine they are very good at the theory of consulting and that they shore up their lack of real-world experience by reading the works of others or by talking to those who have ‘been in the chair.’  More often than not these consultants will use a templated framework to guide them through each step.  I get that and have been on the receiving end of these consulting engagements. Some were terrific, some quite bland.


My approach to consulting is to draw upon 35 years of experience and to put myself in the shoes of those with whom I am working. Instinct, recall, and practice guide me through the consulting relationship – and this has worked well for my clients and me.  I like to listen more than I talk.  I choose to focus on helping the client find the answer vs. supplying it myself.  The key is to understand that consulting is not about me, it’s about the client.  In the end, the goal is to sharpen the client’s leadership effectiveness.  I am not shy about sharing the mistakes I have made, or that have been made by organizations for which I have worked.  In the end, I have found most people love hearing about mistakes, much more so than a drumbeat of success stories that may or may not be entirely true. And more importantly, these mistakes provide valuable learning to clients.

Real-World Consulting & Coaching

So, why seek a consulting engagement with me?  If you are looking for a practical, pragmatic, real-world consulting or coaching experience, that’s what I do.  If you prefer a branded, corporate model of consulting or coaching there are those better suited for that.  Most importantly, I offer a range that goes beyond classic consulting.  I can be put to work on a variety of tasks that make the job easier for  those hiring me.  And,my promise is that you as the client will find it comfortable and easy to work with me.  Effective, value-added, comfortable.  That’s my brand.

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