Leadership Development

Leadership Development:

This is at the core of what I do. The objective is to help the client elevate their effectiveness as a leader of a department, a division, a company and/or an institution. Content areas include talent acquisition, talent development, strategic planning, execution, leadership vs. management, culture, ethics and high performing work teams.

This can be done via one on one or group training. Sessions can be half day up to 2-3 days of hands-on activities. Participants will be exposed to subject areas that include leadership principles, management and execution, culture, ethics, strategic planning, and high performing work teams. Individuals will also be tasked with preparing an elevator speech and delivering a standup presentation.



At the end of the day what most leaders want is to run a better business. And often it helps to have an experienced partner or coach riding in the passenger seat with you – offering feedback, insight and suggestions on how to become a more effective GM. Many agree, there’s an advantage of ‘being coached’ from a professional who is not from inside your business.

Can be customized based on the client’s needs. Typical engagements include a review of business operations and results, strategy sessions, buy/sell transactions, due diligence activity and individual or group training in the areas of leadership and management operations.



My speaking services routinely touch on all of the content areas within my leadership development framework. Perhaps my differentiator is in the manner in which I deliver my remarks. My style is less formal. I work hard at being ‘easy to listen to.’ This approach is augmented by a fair bit of story-telling – all of which has a specific end purpose in mind.

Typical Engagements: keynote address, motivational session, conference breakout, offsite company event, manager meetings, ‘all-hands’ meetings, intimate/closed management sessions or isolated leadership events. Topics and themes include leadership, management operations, strategic planning, culture, ethics, high performing work teams.

Depending on the size of the audience I like to solicit comments from them, ask questions and see hands get raised. Depending on the setting, the event can be structured as a presentation with slides, or a speech with no slides. I often customize the content to best fit the needs of the audience. For some clients the exposure to my remarks is sufficient in terms of their desire for leadership development training. With others, they prefer more of an extended classroom training session.


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